February 8, 2016

Life with sled dogs

Puppies, Dogs, and Blue Northers: Reflections on Being Raised by a Pack of Sled Dogs
by Gary Paulsen

Paulsen, beloved writer of Hatchet, used to raise and race sled dogs for a living. This is his memoir of his life with a beloved sled dog named Cookie and her litter of pups. Paulsen's wonderful, affectionate prose fill each page with vivid descriptions of the joyful pups at play, whether they're tearing through a house or pulling a sled as a team for the very first time.  

Paulsen's most memorable words are reserved for Cookie and the very special bond they shared. Their mutual grief when forced to retire from sledding and Cookie's last day of life are so heartfelt that readers may shed a tear or two. 

A deeply satisfying novel.

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