February 15, 2016

Lost on Mount Everest

Mystery on Everest: A Photobiography Of George Mallory
by Audrey Salkeld

George Mallory was only 38 years old when he and companion Sandy Irvine disappeared on Mount Everest in 1924. Seventy-five years later, Mallory's frozen body was finally discovered; Irvine has yet to be found. 

The life of Mallory is traced in this interesting photobiography, which describes a man seemingly born to climb, once being found on a church roof at age seven. So his attempts at Everest was no surprise, desperate the dangers it offered. Salkeld's descriptions of early mountaineering is suitably gripping, especially when recounting Mallory and Irvine's final attempt at the summit. Whether they actually summitted or not may never be verified.

With lots of photos, some taken by the mountaineers themselves, this book is sure to fascinate children and generate debate. A resource guide at the end is helpful for more curious readers.

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