February 22, 2016

Hero of the blizzard

by John Rocco

Based on a true event, this picture book describes a week in the life of a young boy, during which nearly four feet of snow fell in just twenty-four hours. Front end papers amusingly depict the boy as he's slowly swallowed up by the snow until his mittened hand and the top of his hat is the only thing visible. 

Trapped in his home for five days and with food running low, the boy sets out for the market, using tennis racquets strapped to his feet. Fold-out papers trace his meandering journey from house to store, stopping for snow angels and snowball fights along the way.

The endearing artwork is full of delightful touches like the days of the week spelled out in snow, the shaggy dog shaking itself dry, the old-fashioned cash register in the store, and the expressions of family and neighbours. Paired with an adventurous story, this is a good book to enjoy next to a nice warm fire.

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