December 11, 2015

Food for thought

Foodprints: The Story of What We Eat
by Paula Ayer

When it comes to food, we have more choices than we ever had before. But it can still be confusing. Which foods will keep us healthy? Where did the food come from? How was it made? Why did I eat that?

Foodprints takes a close look at the food on your plate and helps you make sense of the often conflicting messages you hear about food. It explores:

  • how the modern food system evolved, from hunting and gathering to self-serving supermarkets
  • how factory farms became the norm and its effects on health and environment
  • how to navigate conflicting nutritional advice, like superfoods and fad diets 
  • how science has transformed food, from food additives to altered genes
  • how food advertisers grab your attention
  • what steps are being done to ensure food safety
  • what people are doing to improve food security and access healthier food

Author Paula Ayer's clear explanations and research-based writing makes for understandable, informed reading that is pertinent and timely. Her book is also visually appealing, with photos, drawings, and eye-catching infographics.


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