December 9, 2015

A taste for salt

The Story of Salt
by Mark Kurlansky and S.D. Schindler

Common and ubiquitous, salt is the only rock eaten by humans. Yet do you ever wonder why we like salt? Turns out we need salt for our bodies to function, as do many animals. In fact, humans discovered salt by following animals to salt licks, which is why our roads meander so much. Salt was used as a food preservative, became the basis for world trade, fueled the canning and frozen food industries, and led us to oil and natural gas deposits. Salt even spawned the word "salary" (from the Roman word sal) because soldiers were paid in salt, and originated the expression "worth his salt."

With its entertaining drawings, maps, timeline, and surprising "I never knew that" information, this fascinating book will ensure that you'll never look at salt the same way again!

Highly recommended.

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