May 27, 2015

Bee facts

Exploring the World of Bees
by Tracy C. Read

Read's book provides detailed information about bees in a short 24 pages. It covers bee anatomy, bee senses, and bee social lives. Full-colour photographs are scattered throughout.

An attractive, easy-to-read book.

Buzz About Bees
by Kari-Lynn Winters

Winters may have overdone the bee puns a little bit - UnBEE-lievable Body Parts, BEE-ing the Queen, Keeping BUZZ-y - but she provides a lot of information in an entertaining, easy-to-understand manner. Close-up photos and diagrams are clearly labelled and facts are presented in short, kid-friendly paragraphs. Her final chapter discusses the theories behind colony collapse disorder and how we can help.

Well-written and organized, this is a very useful book.

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