May 25, 2015

A bee's life

Bee Life

Wonderfully lifelike, dramatic pictures illustrate this informational picture book about a honeybee's life. With a storybook feel, it follows the honeybee as it goes about its work and describes the activity inside the hive.

A lovely book for parents and children to read together.

Flight of the Honey Bee
by Raymond Huber
illustrated by Brian Lovelock

A bee named Scout searches for pollen and nectar in Huber's picture book. Along the way she must contend with rain and predators before distributing her precious cargo to her hive.

Simply told, with nice big pictures, this is an informative and attractive book.

by Kate Riggs

For a close-up look at bees, check out this excellent book. Spectacular photographs show bees in various stages of development, from egg to adult.

Highly recommended.

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