April 17, 2015

The history of law enforcement

Behind the Badge: Crimefighters Through History
by Ed Butts

Who maintained law and order in ancient civilizations? Who were the first police officers? How were criminals punished? Soldiers, magistrates, slaves, gardeners, even ex-convicts all served as law enforcers at one time or another. Action-packed pictures and a dramatic tone bring the history of policing to light. From Japanese samurai to the first policewomen, to bad cops and secret police, Behind the Badge takes a riveting look at police around the world and how they serve and protect their citizens.

Bodyguards! From Gladiators to the Secret Service
by Ed Butts

Bodyguards have been around since the time of the Egyptian pharoahs (1570 BCE). This fast-paced and excellent book takes a fascinating look at bodyguards throughout the world and how they have or have not protected their charges. Kids will be enthralled at the stories of ambushes, sabotage, and assassinations, and the wily bodyguards that stood in the way. They'll also thrill at encountering the African Minos, female warriors skilled in the use of guns, clubs, spears, swords, and arrows. They're on a par with the British suffragettes, who were trained in the art of jujutsu.

Definitely movie-worthy material, this is a highly recommended read.

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