April 15, 2015

World's most wanted

Outlaws, Spies, and Gangsters: Chasing Notorious Criminals
by Laura Scandiffio

Television crime shows would have viewers believe that crimes can be solved and criminals apprehended in just under an hour. But catching real-life fugitives can take days, months, even years. Above all, it takes patience, perseverance, wits, and stamina as evidenced in the exciting hunts for eight of the world's most wanted:

  • Canada's Mad Trapper, whose outdoor survival skills made him difficult to capture
  • bank robber John Dillinger, who escaped numerous times due to FBI bungling
  • war criminal Adolf Eichmann, whose capture involved a covert operation, ingeniously planned and executed
  • dictator Manuel Noriega, where psychological warfare came into play
  • mole Aldrich Ames, who nearly brought down the CIA
  • computer hacker Vladimer Levin, who siphoned millions from Citibank
  • gang leader Christopher Coke  
  • terrorist Osama bin Laden

Along the way, kids will learn a great deal about the history of crime fighting and the amazing efforts expended to catch these notorious criminals. They'll also enjoy the fast-paced writing and thrilling action. Reluctant readers will be drawn in as well.

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