April 10, 2015

Help for sensory avoiders

Learn to Have Fun with Your Senses: The Sensory Avoider's Survival Guide
by John Taylor, PhD

Some children suffer from sensory processing disorder, which cause them to overreact to sound, touch, movement, taste, smell, and vision. Dr. Taylor's self-help guide is written specifically for kids with sensory problems in the hope that they can learn to tolerate what their senses tell them and not overreact to them. His games and activities are designed to desensitize children over time. He explains how to use his book and emphasizes that parents, siblings, caregivers, and occupational therapists must be involved as well. He also includes chapters on eating the right foods, getting enough sleep, and taking care of the body. An extensive list of resources round out the book.

Although I have no experience with sensory processing disorder, I feel this book would be useful for children. The activities Dr. Taylor prescribes sound fun and easily doable, and his overall tone is empathic and encouraging.

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