January 14, 2015

Your inner scientist

Turn it Loose: The Scientist in Absolutely Everybody
by Diane Swanson

In Turn it Loose, author Swanson tries to encourage readers not to let their natural curiosity go to waste. Like the muscles in our bodies, our scientific instincts follow the use it or lose it scenario. So to keep our inner scientist alive, her book features brief profiles of a famous scientist, athlete, artist, or inventor and explains how he/she used scientific thinking to succeed in his/her respective career.

Swanson's suggestions to think scientifically range from the abstract (let your mind overflow with wonder; persist, persist, persist; be patient)  to the concrete (record special observations, design or plan stuff, figure out answers). More specific actions are listed in the "Brainplay" section, which encourage further experimentation and observation. 

The mini biographies are very well done, but the book suffers from a dense text layout and generic pictures. Still, it may encourage kids to keep their curiosity intact.

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