January 12, 2015

Science whistle-blower

Nibbling on Einstein's Brain: The Good, the Bad and the Bogus in Science
by Diane Swanson

Science affects many aspects of our lives, determining the foods we eat, the medical treatments we follow, or the cars we purchase. However, flawed methods, incorrect analyses, and bogus conclusions are not only misleading, but harmful. This book teaches children to question scientific research and weed out bad science from good science. And since most people  rely on media - television, newspapers, magazines, and most commonly, the Internet - for news about scientific advances, it shows kids how to spot bad science reporting. More importantly, it stresses the importance of logic and critical thinking skills.

It's a lot of information to take in, but Swanson uses clear headings, clever quotes, and end-of-chapter checklists for easy understanding and readability. An excellent book that encourages kids to discover how science really works.

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