November 5, 2014

Poetry from the First World War

Poems From The First World War
selected by Gaby Morgan

An emotional collection of poetry written by soldiers, nurses, mothers, and sweethearts. Poets include W. W. Gibson, Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon, Edward Thomas, May Cannan Wedderburn, and John McCrae.

Speaking of John McCrae, here is a poem (not in the book) by Stella M. Bainbridge, a Montreal poet:


Across the fields of Flanders
The snow lies as a pall,
And moaning o'er the wasted land,
The winds arise and fall;
But he, who sang in Flanders fields,
Has passed beyond their call.

The spring will come to Flanders,
And poppies bloom again-
As when he marked them sentinel
Upon the cross-strewn plain;
And they will breathe of love and life
Triumphant over pain.

And when we dream of Flanders-
Torn land of griefs and fears-
We shall recall his memory
Through all the coming years;
When silence broods o'er Flanders fields,
And peace enshrines our tears.

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