June 3, 2013

To catch a criminal

It's True! Crime Doesn't Pay
by Beverley MacDonald
cartoons by Andrew Weldon

Way back when, trying to nab criminals was pretty difficult. Unless a person was caught red-handed, a lot of innocent people were punished instead. This book is full of crazy but true stuff. From ordeals by combat and bumps on the head to fingerprinting, blood typing, and criminal profiling, this is an unbelievable and funny look at the history of crime and punishment.

Crime Scene: How Investigators Use Science to Track Down the Bad Guys
by Vivien Bowers

Ballistics, fingerprints, DNA analysis, facial reconstruction, maggots, bones .... these are some of the tools, evidence, and techniques that forensic scientists use to solve crimes. Author Vivien Bowers manages to cram a wealth of information into just 64 pages in this highly entertaining book. Hypothetical cases and colourful graphics add to the appeal.

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