June 5, 2013

Investigating crimes

Body, Crime, Suspect: Investigating Crime Scenes
by Norah McClintock

To pass the time during a winter blackout, Chris asks his Uncle Joe about a murder investigation that he helped solve. The story is fictional, but the police procedures described are real. From the securing of the crime scene to the final verdict, this is a detailed, step-by-step look at how an actual criminal investigation is carried out.  A good eye-opener for anyone taken in by television shows like C.S.I. or Bones

Case Files: 40 Murders and Mysteries Solved by Science
by Larry Verstraete

The cases in each chapter range from crimes and suspicious deaths to lost ships and missing persons. Some of the cases are recent and some are ancient, but they were all investigated by scientists skilled in a variety of areas, using different tools and methods.

The stories and sidebars show how scientists collect and analyse clues, test theories, and arrive at solutions — or gather evidence for further investigation.

Interesting, fascinating, and controversial.

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