October 15, 2012

The Edmund Fitzgerald

Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald: The Legendary Great Lakes Disaster
by Elle Andra-Warner

The book begins a bit slowly, with a look at the history of Fitzgerald ship-building and the stormy waters of Lake Superior. But it gradually gets more interesting when it describes the Edmund Fitzgerald's final moments (November 9-10, 1975). The search for the ship, the discovery of the wreck, and the various hypotheses regarding the cause of the sinking are very well presented.

The Edmund Fitzgerald: The Song of the Bell
by Kathy-Jo Wargin

This is a picture book story of both the Fitzgerald and the Arthur M. Anderson, which was also battling the storm that day. It doesn't go into the cause of the tragedy, but serves instead as a memorial to the seamen who died. Rhyming couplets honor the ship's bell, which serves as a symbol for the soul of the ship and its crew. The dark, stormy paintings add to the drama.

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