October 3, 2012

Fun with math

The Book of Perfectly Perilous Math: 24 Death-Defying Challenges for Young Mathematicians
by Sean Connolly

For kids who think math won't be needed in the real world or don't see the point of math problems, this is the book for them. By combining fantasy and math together, Sean Connolly manages to make math fun. Fractions, algebra, geometry, ratios and probability are slyly taught as your child wrestles with such death-defying challenges as:

  • calculating how long it will take before vampires take over a town,
  • determining how much time is needed to outrun a tornado,
  • cracking a secret code to rescue a hostage from a soon-to-be-demolished building, or
  • after a shipwreck, figuring out how to divvy up the limited amount of food and water available on a life-raft.

With hints from Euclid, step-by-step solutions, and hands-on activities to enhance learning, this book will turn math phobics into competent mathematicians.

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