September 10, 2012

Gateway to a better life

Between 1928 and 1971, over one million immigrants passed through Halifax's Pier 21 on their way to settlements across Canada. Here are two books that tell their story.

Pier 21: Listen to My Story
by Christine Welldon

The voices of immigrant children come to life in this easy-to-read book. Some were fleeing war and persecution, joining new families or seeking a better life. All feel lucky to make Canada their home. Their stories reveal their first impressions of Canada and some of their earliest experiences in cities like Hamilton, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Toronto.

Pier 21: Gateway of Hope
by Linda Granfield

Meet many of the faces who passed through Pier 21, all eager to begin their new lives. They include refugees fleeing persecution, war brides reuniting with Canadian husbands, and orphaned children joining new families. Archival photographs and documents, along with Granfield's clear, concise text, captures the feel of a living museum exhibit. Her book brings history to life.

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