September 24, 2012

Born to be a cowgirl

Born to Be a Cowgirl: A Spirited Ride Through the Old West
by Candace Savage

Beginning in the mid-nineteenth century, families headed west to build ranches and raise cattle. Children often learned to ride horses before they learned to walk. Many of these children were girls. Once they were past babyhood, they were allowed to ride any horse as long as they didn't fall off. Having grown up with this amount of freedom, these women were not content to remain indoors to cook and clean. They headed outside to cart manure, brand cattle, and break wild horses. It didn't take long before they also made their mark with bronc riding, trick riding, barrel racing, and steer wrestling.

With historic photographs and fond recollections from the cowgirls themselves, this book is an enthusiastic look back at an exciting past.

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