February 13, 2012

Wonderful ecosystems

The following three titles are the first in Tundra Books’ ecosystem series. They showcase the life cycles, food chains, and seasons in the world’s arctic, swamp, and jungle environments.

Author/illustrator Karen Patkau’s text is clear and informative, while her attractive, colorful artwork encourages kids to search for the animals, birds, and insects hidden within. Each book includes a map, detailed endnotes and glossary.

The ecosystem series is a worthy addition to all home and school libraries.

Who Needs an Iceberg?
Patkau's arctic landscapes are spectacular, especially the underwater view of an iceberg.

Who Needs a Swamp?
The swamp at night-time is lovely. 
Another nice spread shows spiders, ducks and alligators. Look for the duckling jumping down to the water.

Who Needs a Jungle?
Each painting is wonderfully lush and green.

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