February 29, 2012

Science fun

Author Helaine Becker has a knack for writing fun, energetic books that turn kids into eager learners. Each book is filled with easy, original experiments that provide hands-on practice in scientific concepts. Combined with Becker's lively, enthusiastic tone and sense of humour, these books make science fun and exciting.

Science on the Loose: Amazing Activities and Science Facts You'll Never Believe

Kids can test their senses and perceptions in this amazing book. With optical illusions, fun facts, and a recipe for non-Newtonian fluids (aka goop).

The Insecto-Files: Amazing Insect Science and Facts You'll Never Believe

Entomologists will discover how to eat like a bug, move like a caterpillar, or dance like a bee in this interactive book. 

Magic Up Your Sleeve: Amazing Illusions, Tricks, and Science Facts You'll Never Believe

Budding magicians can amaze their friends through sleights of hand and other illusions in this intriguing book. Along the way, they'll make good use of their chemistry, physics, and math skills.

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