June 5, 2017

Prayers for daily use

Hopefully, these two books will show that Muslim prayers are mainly reminders to be kind and generous to others.

What Should We Say?
compiled and explained by A.R. Kidwai & F.M. D’Oyen

This little book is intended as a guide for parents or teachers to help children learn some of the prayers from the Quran. Each prayer is given in Arabic and English, often with an explanation underneath. An Arabic pronunciation guide is included. There are prayers for waking and sleeping, for eating and after eating, for traveling and for returning home. There are many other prayers, all having to do with daily activities. 

Muslim Prayer & Worship

This book explains the Muslim faith to kids who are unfamiliar with it. They will learn why Muslims pray, when they pray, and how they pray.

A good introductory text for ages 8 and up.

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