November 18, 2016

Behind the scenes at Zoo Atlanta

Bridge to the Wild: Behind the Scenes at the Zoo
by Caitlin O'Connell
photographs by Caitlin O'Connell and Timothy Rodwell

During the five days scientist O'Connell and her husband Tim spent at Zoo Atlanta, they met a bevy of animals and their keepers and found out what goes on behind the scenes before and after visiting hours. Every morning they were greeted with a dawn chorus of bird songs and lion roars much like what you'd hear in the wild. Similarly, at the end of the day, a dusk chorus commences as the animals prepare for sleep. In between, we follow the keepers, curators, and vets as they go about their day. 

As O'Connell accompanies the keepers on their rounds, she asks questions and learns much about animal behaviours and the challenges of keeping them stimulated and healthy. Animal care, often involving tests, training, and simple observation, can be complex but very rewarding. The keepers' joy and dedication, plus O"Connell's love of animals, come through in her clear, informative prose and her and Rodwell's striking photographs. 

Sure to inspire, this book will have kid readers dreaming about a job in the zoo.

Highly recommended.

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