July 24, 2015

Amazing animal eyes

Animal Eyes
by Beth Fielding

Balloon eyes, glow-in-the-dark eyes, fake eyes, and winking eyes - these are just some of the fascinating animal eyes mentioned in this book. With lots of close-up photos and short, easy text, kids will be reading it again and again.

Extraordinary Eyes: How Animals See the World
by Sandra Sinclair

With explanations of photoreceptors, wavelengths, and bioluminescence, Sinclair's book is for older (ages 9+) and scientifically-curious readers who want to know exactly how things work. Unfortunately, there are a couple of errors that needed correction after the book was printed; these are mentioned with an errata note on the inside front cover. Nonetheless, the book offers lots of information concerning the hows and whys of animal vision. It truly is extraordinary.

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