March 27, 2015

Olive oil effective treatment for head lice

Head Lice
by Elise Gravel

A funny take on a not-so-funny insect, Gravel's book is amusing if a little short on fact.

Head Lice To Dead Lice
by Joan Sawyer and Roberta MacPhee

Get rid of lice permanently with this handy guidebook. Sawyer and MacPhee reassure parents with their matter-of-fact tone and gentle humour. They start with a personal story (Sawyer's) about a family's lice battle and a brief history of head lice and the often dubious folk remedies used to combat them. They then detail the dangers of using pediculicides (insecticidal shampoos, rinses, etc) on children and suggest a far less harmful alternative, olive oil. Olive oil works by smothering lice and making them easier to comb out. By following Sawyer and MacPhee's olive oil treatment plan and their sensible home cleaning advice, families can successfully get rid of head lice with a minimum of stress.

A must-have for every family.

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