December 19, 2014

It's almost Christmas!

'Twas the Day Before Christmas
by Brenda Seabrooke
illustrated by Delana Bettoli

On Christmas Eve 1822, Clement Clarke Moore penned what would become a beloved holiday classic. This book relates the inspiration behind the poem. It's supposedly based on research, but since the author includes no notes about that research, I'm unsure about the story's accuracy. The story itself is fairly well told, if a bit long, and the pictures are colourful, but bland. 

 'Twas the Night B'Fore Christmas
retold and illustrated by Melodye Rosales

The Night Before Christmas has been illustrated in a wide variety of ways, from plasticene (Barbara Reid), collage (Rachel Isadora), and pop-up (Robert Sabuda). But for a truly original take, why not try Rosales' African-American version? She retells the poem using the language of the south, turning it into a lively, expressive chant that begs to be performed out loud. Her paintings are equally energetic and joyful. 

Highly recommended.

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