August 1, 2014

Brigadier's story

Brigadier: Gentle Hero
by Judy Andrekson
illustrations by David Parkins

Danny Boy was a curious, gentle, golden chestnut colt, friendly and eager to learn. It made him an ideal candidate for the Mounted Unit of the Toronto Police Department. Renamed Brigadier, he became the most beloved police horse in the city.

Within the pages of this short, elegantly-written novel, Judy Andrekson tells Brigadier's life story, detailing the training he underwent to become a valuable police partner, and the affection he showed to everyone around him. That his life was so cruelly cut short will disturb many readers. The final pages, filled with fond memories, should offer comfort.

note: After Brigadier's death, attempts were made to create a new law that would punish more severely any person who would harm an animal. Called Brigadier's Law, the Bill was never passed. However, in May 2014, the prime minister announced the tabling of Quanto's Law, named after an Edmonton police dog who was killed in the line of duty. This law will protect all service dogs and animals.

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