July 9, 2014

All about worms

The Worm
by Elise Gravel

Gravel's silly dialogue and droll illustrations will have kids begging for repeated readings of her fun little book. They'll also learn some basic facts about worms.

Good for preschoolers.

Wiggling Worms At Work
by Wendy Pfeffer

Slightly older kids (first or second graders) will enjoy this book. It goes into more detail about worms: how they move, what they eat, and how they reproduce. It also explains how worm castings and tunneling maintain soil health and promote plant growth.

With paper collages by Steve Jenkins.

Lowdown on Earthworms
by Norma Dixon

This book introduces readers to three common worm species and how they live. Clear drawings depict the worm's outside and inside body parts, as well as cutaway views of underground worm burrows. References to Charles Darwin's research on worms are scattered throughout the book, as are suggestions for conducting simple versions of his experiments. Kids can also observe worms by constructing a wormery and a worm composting bin, but they'll need adult assistance.


by Elaine Pascoe
photographs by Dwight Kuhn

The layout of this book is not as friendly; some kids may be turned off by the dense text. It's good for the many close-up photographs of worm castings and egg cocoons. The book is also filled with many experiments for kids to explore and observe the beneficial aspects of worms.

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