June 18, 2014

Insect poems

A Book of Flies: Real or Otherwise
by Richard Michelson
drawings by Leonard Baskin

The poems in this collection focus on nine different species of flies and four nonflies. Words and pictures depict imaginary, fanciful creatures based on literal interpretations of the flies' names. So a dragonfly is spouting flames and has an extra long tail, while the words describe a knight's unsuccessful attempt to save a damsel from it: Too late! / (for this hot date) / The dragon ate / her -- fried. Each painting is followed by smaller, realistic drawings of the actual insect and accompanying text which describes physical or behavioral characteristics or miscellaneous facts. 

Bug Off! Creepy, Crawly Poems
by Jane Yolen
photos by Jason Stemple

The beauty and mystery of tiny living insects are celebrated with Yolen's playful verse. Here's what she asks of a lovebug:  

Has your
better-half bug
Has you mate
you alone,
the comfort
of your hug?
Are you a 
so low

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