April 14, 2014


The Snake Scientist
by Sy Montgomery
photographs by Nic Bishop

Thousands of red-sided garter snakes have recently awoken at the Narcisse Snake Dens in Manitoba. Snake Scientist Bob Mason has been studying these snakes since 1991. Author Sy Montgomery joined Mason on one of his field trips, documenting his observations and experiments. His discoveries about snake pheromones will fascinate young readers, as will the close-up pictures by renowned photographer Bishop.

Easy to read and understand, The Snake Scientist will turn kids into junior herpetologists.

Outside and Inside Snakes
by Sandra Markle

For kids who like to get the inside view of things, give them Sandra Markle's book. They'll love the picture of a complete snake skeleton, as well as the close-ups of a snake's inner organs. Clearly written text describe how snakes move, hunt, swallow and digest their food. 

An enthralling and inviting book for all ages.

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