April 16, 2014

Snakes up-close

Nic Bishop: Snakes

Spectacular photographs are the hallmarks of every Nic Bishop book, and this is no exception. Blown-up two to three times their actual size, readers get to count every fang and every colourful scale. They'll also learn some interesting facts about snakes. An author's note at the end explains how Bishop took his photos.

A book kids will enjoy forever and ever.

Exploring Nature: Amazing Snakes
by Barbara Taylor

An in-depth look at snakes that should turn any reader into an avid herpetologist. Well-organized sections cover everything from how snakes move and how they hunt, to snake life cycles and where they live. Special focus features provide more information about venomous snakes like vipers and cobras, desert, tree, and water snakes, and an excellent look at how snakes hatch out. With amazing photos.

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