March 5, 2014

Passion for fashion!

Passion for Fashion: Careers in Style
by Jeanne Beker

No one knows fashion like Jeanne Beker. She's the ideal person to write a comprehensive guide to the fashion industry. Straightforward and realistic, it describes a multitude of fashion careers such as agent, designer, makeup artist, publicist, or color specialist, and the steps required to be successful.  

Essential reading for anyone interested in a career in fashion.

Strutting It! The Grit Behind the Glamour
by Jeanne Beker

For those who dream of becoming the next top supermodel, Beker offers an insider’s view of what being a model is really like. In a matter-of-fact, yet breezy style, she talks about the qualities needed to be successful and the hard work involved in maintaining a glamourous image. With photos and profiles of famous faces and a foreword by Coco Rocha, who writes briefly about a day in the life of a working model. More stories like hers are needed as most of the models’ quotes are of the “be yourself” and “stay grounded” kind. Still, the book contains good, common-sense advice which should help girls (and boys) avoid some of pitfalls of the modeling industry.

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