September 30, 2013

Inuit sports

Games of Survival: Traditional Inuit Games for Elementary Students
by Johnny Issaluk

On a recent trip to the Arctic, our tour group were treated to a demonstration of Inuit games performed by Johnny Issaluk! So I am very pleased to present his book for today. 

Traditional Inuit games like the high kick, arm pull, knuckle hop, and back push were important for keeping muscles strong and flexible when hunting. Inuit hunters needed the agility and strength to chase caribou across uneven terrain or haul walruses onto the ice. They also needed the endurance to carry the animals back to camp or face a family's starvation.

Today the games are performed not for survival, but for fun. This sense of joy and energy is  expertly captured in the vibrant photos of children as they demonstrate the moves.

An excellent book.

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