September 4, 2013

Imagination can overcome fear

No More Monsters in the Closet: Teaching Your Children to Overcome Everyday Fears and Phobias
by Jeffrey L. Brown

Imaginative or fantasy play is something many children do every day. In No More Monsters in the Closet, pediatrician Jeffrey L. Brown shows you how to use your child's vivid imagination to reduce common fears and physical pain. He calls it Imagination Training (IT). If you already know how to distract your child from a doctor's needle or a sudden sound, you'll be able to learn this technique.

Having an imaginary Take-along Friend, riding a Magic Carpet, or putting on an invisible Magic Glove can help children cope with social insecurity, nighttime worries, and dental visits. These relaxation and visualization techniques are not difficult to learn and are perfectly suited for ages 2-12. Even teens can benefit from IT;  they just need more sophisticated imagery. Dr. Brown also knows when parents have to be strict, and offers clear guidelines on how to get your kids to behave without too much stress. With IT, your child can successfully face and conquer their fears.

A very useful parenting book.

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