February 22, 2013

Sexual health for guys

The Little Black Book for Guys: Guys Talk about Sex

In this honest, straight-forward book, young men talk about sex, relationships, and what it means to be a man. Their personal stories regarding puberty, homosexuality, AIDS and the all-important "first time" will help other young men make good decisions when it comes to sex.

The Guy Book: An Owner's Manual: Maintenance, Safety, and Operating Instructions for Boys

An attractive cover will get boys interested in this title, as will its car-themed tone. Inside, boys will find information on a variety of subjects, from taking care of the mind and body, to buying condoms, to going on a date. It even shows them how to tie a tie, how to eat healthy, and how to behave during dinner with a girl's parents.

The language is a bit dry and preachy at times, so it may not be read cover to cover. Plus, there's too much emphasis on using spermicide. Teens are now discouraged from using spermicide because it can cause allergic reactions and increase the chances of a sexually transmitted infection.

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