December 14, 2012

The history of mapmaking

Where Am I? The Story of Maps and Navigation
by A.G. Smith

Large, detailed drawings and clear, understandable prose describe the evolution of map-making in this atlas-sized book. Some of the information is a bit dry, but the book need not be read in one sitting. The short paragraphs make it a good book for leisurely perusal. Kids who like trivia may pick up some interesting facts.

Mapping the World
by Sylvia A. Johnson

Maps not only show us how to get from here to there, they also tell fascinating stories. Legends, politics and religious beliefs all influence the representation of distant lands. By looking at a map, we can view the world as it once was during a particular time and place. 

The colorful maps and stories in this book provide an interesting glimpse into cartographic history. It shows how worldviews have changed over time and how modern mapmaking continues to chart new discoveries.

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