December 3, 2012

Ocean life

This is the Sea that Feeds Us
by Robert F. Baldwin
illustrated by Don Dyen

Lilting verse reminiscent of the house that Jack built, introduces children to the life cycle of the sea. From the zillions of plankton to the hungry fish, along with the whales, sharks, and snails, these are the creatures adrift in the sea that feed us.

The Sea, the Storm, and the Mangrove Tangle
by Lynne Cherry

The story of a propagule (a sprouting seed) from a mangrove island which is carried to a faraway lagoon. From that propagule, a little mangrove tree grows and grows, eventually forming a living island that provides shelter, food and safety for a whole community of sea creatures. The endpapers show the location of mangroves throughout the world, while the introduction and author's note stresses the importance of mangroves to the marine ecosystem.

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