July 6, 2012

Canadian trivia

Crazy About Canada: Amazing Things Kids Want to Know
by Vivien Bowers
illustrated by Dianne Eastmann

Kids ask a lot of questions! They’re curious about everything, especially their own country. Here are some things they need answers to:

  • ·       How many moose live in Canada?
  • ·       Why are there no skunks in Newfoundland?
  • ·       How did the hoodoos form?
  • ·       Are there deserts in Canada?
  • ·       Who is Bruce? (the Bruce Trail and the Bruce Peninsula are named for him)
  • ·       Are canoes originally from Canada?

For more questions and answers about Canada, read this fact-filled book!

A common question asked by kids is “Why name it that?” For answers, give them Let's Call It Canada by Susan Hughes. Whether to commemorate a person, a geographical landmark, or a wild animal, Canadian place names are often funny and unusual, and always memorable.

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