June 29, 2012

Canadian road trip

Wow Canada! Exploring This Land from Coast to Coast to Coast
by Vivien Bowers
illustrated by Dan Hobbs & Dianne Eastman

Kids who read Hey Canada! Bowers' travel book for ages 7-10, know that Canada is a big country with lots to see. One road trip is not enough! So hop on board for another Canadian tour, this time with nearly thirteen-year-old Guy, his parents, and his ten-year-old sister Rachel. You’ll visit familiar and not-so-familiar places, get up-close-and-personal with people and wildlife, and even take part in campfire chats. The kids’ mom is in charge of historical details, while their dad offers up scientific facts. Packed with photos, postcards, Guy’s Exceedingly Weird column, and Rachel’s Bucko Beaver comic strips, this action-packed book really shows why Canada is a great place to visit.

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