June 1, 2012

Art and poetry

Images of Nature: Canadian Poets and the Group of Seven
compiled by David Booth

The Group of Seven were masters at depicting the Canadian landscape in all its harshness and beauty. They helped us to appreciate our country. Canadian poets like F.R. Scott, Earle Birney, George Swede, Jean Little and Elizabeth Brewster capture their admiration in words. Paintings and words are juxtaposed in this special anthology, forming a part of the Canadian identity.

Franklin Carmichael, Mirror Lake
Eight Miles from Esten Lake
by Wayne Keon

5:15 a.m.
eight miles down the trail
lakes stand still
silence and mist
unbearably close to breathing

two loons
methodically work
the south shore of the pond,
dive and break surface
forty feet away and appear nervous,
but continue feeding                                              

6:45 a.m.
return to town
soaking in the sounds of birds,
the dank smell of morning,
trying to bring it all back
to where it just doesn't belong

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