May 29, 2017

Elementary Einstein

On a Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein
by Jennifer Berne
pictures by Vladimir Radunsky

Throughout his life, Albert Einstein never stopped wondering, thinking, and imagining. His quest for answers helped him formulate the theories that changed our understanding of the universe.

Einstein's theories are hard to understand. Harder still is explaining  them to young children. Berne, wisely, doesn't try to. Instead, she uses Einstein's story to encourage kids to be themselves, to read and to study, to never stop dreaming, and to always ask big questions. Above all, she reminds them to never stop playing. 

Play is the recurring theme of the story as evidenced in Radunsky's whimsical pictures of a sockless Einstein riding his bicycle, sailing his boat, or eating an ice-cream cone. It's a light-hearted introduction to a great scientist.

Albert Einstein: A Biography
by Milton Meltzer

Meltzer manages to write an understandable biography of Einstein in a mere 32 pages. He sticks to the main facts, using a timeline to fill out the points in-between. He even explains Einstein's famous equation in an easy way that kids will almost grasp. They'll like the black-and-white photos too.

Both books are good for ages 7 and up.

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