April 17, 2017

Fifth Avenue hawks

Red-Tails in Love
by Marie Winn

Hidden in the middle of New York's Central Park, there's an area of wilderness known as the Ramble. Birdwatchers often gather there to look out for migratory birds like gulls, woodpeckers, sparrows, and warblers. As many as 190 species of birds live or hunt in Central Park, including the stars of Marie Winn's book. Her protagonists, a red-tailed hawk dubbed Pale Male and his mate, built their nest on the twelfth floor of a Fifth Avenue apartment house. Located across from park, it was an ideal place to raise a family.

In between Winn's telling of the hawks' courtship, mating, and rearing of chicks, are stories of other bird families, and the company of birdwatchers who kept track of them. Taking place over six years, this is a tale of life and loss that will resonate with many readers, birdwatchers or not.

Very entertaining.

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