January 15, 2016

The fabric of Canada

The Quilt of Belonging: Stitching Together the Stories of a Nation
by Janice Weaver

When visual artist Esther Bryan learned that there was at least one person from every country living in Canada, she wanted to celebrate this amazing diversity. She decided to make a massive quilt with each quilt block designed to symbolize one country and made by a person originally from that country. Called The Quilt of Belonging, it is a unique visual symbol of the power of connectedness. 

Author Janice Weaver takes a close look at some of the individual quilt blocks, and tells the fascinating stories of the groups they represent. The blocks are startlingly beautiful and showcase a wide variety of craftwork. Some are embroidered, appliqu├ęd, or tie-dyed; others are decorated with beads, butterfly wings, porcupine quills, fish bones, shells, and cedar bark.

The quilt is a wonderful way to capture the specialness of belonging. 

For more information about the Quilt of Belonging, go to http://www.invitationproject.ca/.

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