October 31, 2014

Get rid of nightmares

Nightmare Help
by Anne Sayre Wiseman

In her introduction, Anne Sayre Wiseman posits that recurring dreams and nightmares are metaphoric messages that alert us to unresolved feelings and traumas. These nightmares can exist for years, continuing right into adulthood. But by following Wiseman's dream therapy methods, they can be banished. She accomplishes this by having children draw their dreams and talk with their dream monsters. Using questions and conversation, parent guides can help their children explore their feelings, create safe havens, and figure out how to find a solution. Most importantly, Wiseman urges parents not to let their own feelings and assumptions get in the way and to resist the desire to ferret out hidden meanings. It may be hard to hear, but adults are often part of the problem. Letting children take the lead and arrive at their own solutions foster empowerment, independence, and security.

An excellent book.

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