July 1, 2013

Make car trips easier

With personal electronics and in-car DVD systems, car games seem a thing of the past. But they shouldn't be. Car games get kids to look out the window, talk to each other, and exercise their imaginations.

Are We There Yet? Great Car Games to Keep Families Sane!
by Jo Pink

Pink's handy, portable book with its retro illustrations is jam-packed with fun, easy-to-play games that'll stave off boredom and prevent fights. Divided into spotting games, guessing games, action games, imagination games, word games, and general knowledge, you're bound to find a game that everyone will enjoy. 

Includes jokes, songs, and trivia to complement classic games like I Spy, Red Car, and Don't Laugh, and newer games like Cow Football, Backwards Spelling, and Waving Chicken.

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